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Day plans to export a weapon to international orgnaization

When loosening a weapon to export limitative; to include a weapon to be transferred to tripartite further, need not day just agrees

Dispatch Japan media showed the network austral Fujian 11 days on January 12, install times government to considering to revise " the weapon exports 3 principles " , loosen a weapon to export limitation further. Install times government to plan to export certain weaponry to neutral border orgnaization, the national give the green light that equips to hold at the same time, when letting them divert equipment to tripartite, need not ask for so that day just agrees.

Japanese government drafts next month

Approve new export principle

3 big thrust move Japanese premier An Beijin to be broken through further " the weapon exports 3 principles " , say to enlarge a weapon to export the relation that is helpful for aggrandizement Japan and ally, make Japan acts more important role in international safety work, industry of help Japan defense grows.

The insider says, because Japanese government hopes to will be approved in March " the weapon exports new principle " , afore-mentioned new rule are consequently likely " very fast " will by reach its to be in office from civilian party ally is fair bright party is discussed, latter is right how times try to break through peace constitution and " the weapon exports 3 principles " act supports cautious attitude.

1967, japan is promulgated carried out " the weapon exports 3 principles " , prohibit ruling contraband to using a weapon actually country to resolution of country of socialistic a group of people of same interest, U.N. namely, and international conflicts export a weapon when thing country or the state that have conflict risk. 1976, cabinet of husband of 3 wood fierce undertakes to afore-mentioned principles supplementary, prohibited in the round actually weapon exit. However, japan loosened restriction 2011.

"Found a state day " hair congratulate

Install times before be about to answer World War II?

To meet the Japanese legal red-letter day Feburary 11 " found a state memorial " , japanese premier installs times advance 10 days 3 to publish congratulate. Day intermediary says, premier publishs similar talk to still be belonged to in past dynasties government first, this action or meaning are being revealed bring the times attitude that takes conservative constituency seriously.

The intermediary outside occupying reports, how times say in the talk: "The country that reviews us when us takes the route that cross up to now, we thank ancestors people hard, face be full of self-confidence and proud future, the prosperity of invocatory Japan. " " found a state memorial " the day of ascend the throng of the empe

ror of Japan of acting god fierce at the beginning of Japan be consideringed as. Doubt of the medium outside having says, this congratulate included the ideological suggestion that the emperor of Japan makes before renascent World War II, "Regression is prewar " the intention is apparent, will make Japan and neighbour concern more intense.

Han appeals Japan

Not " turn back car "

of Jin Min of spokesman of Korea department of defense says 11 days, korea government brings times advance to Japanese premier authority of defend oneself of collective of 3 intents lift a ban expresses concern, hope day just avoids to cause an area not to stabilize condition. Government of Japan of appeal of Jin Min

stops to give out " retrogression " opinion on public affairs, give up first before modification constitution explains neighbour misgive.

In be being occupied additionally, new network cites day intermediary report, install 11 days times to say, will with " ministerial meeting decides " form, bypass congress determines the policy that exercise collective defend oneself counterpoises. Because install the combination of times leader to be in office,the party did not attain 2/3 seat in congressional seat in a legislature, revise constitution through congress so authority of defend oneself of collective of the 9th lift a ban is impossible. (CCTV of Xinhua News Agency)

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Outside intermediary: Chinese new-style weapon or make aircraft carrier loses value to overturn the tradition fights

Japan of beautiful government demand remands the weapon class plutonium that in order to of cold war period studies

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British woman gives a book to expose to the sun coerce by evil cult mother have sex with nearly 2000 men... [阅读全文] 栏目:西安品茶安排


Northwest of Chile Yi Jike magnitude of 99 kilometers maritime space 8.2... [阅读全文] 栏目:广州夜网论坛BVF


India an abbey school meets with loot 74 years old of nun by 6 male rape by turns

The intermediary outside occupying reports, local time 14 days of mornings, indian Xi Mengjia pulls state city to pull an abbey school of Najiate to suffer loot, a nun of 74 years old inside monastery, rape by turns by 6 men. Data chart: The near future, india happens many cases strong. . .

2015-03-15 15:37 origin: ? Travel hill?
Malaysia drafts cancel to prevent its to go back to the motherland into IS citizen passport start fear raiding

In report will occupy new network on March 15 outside intermediary report, malaysia police expresses, all henceforth confirming fly to Syria to join Mohammedan state (the Malaysia citizen that IS) extreme organizes, not only can be included to prohibit by authorities. . .

2015-03-15 12:40 origin: ? Travel hill?
Seek by inquiry is Burmese government of battleground true condition army fight by day with the allied forces call each other names in the evening

On March 15 message, recently, burmese army is the same as remote north courageous and resolute the area is in about armed group in remote border area fights continuously. On March 13 afternoon, bomb of Burmese military plan falls in square churchyard, the innocent civilian that causes Yunnan to save Mengding of county of brighting horse of the city that face dark blue to press down flood mulberry village to be in sugar cane ground to work 4 dead 9 injuries. Reporter development seek by inquiry is Burmese battleground, recorded governmental army and allied forces to fight by day, rest in the evening the war what is actually happening that call each other names. (the net that occupy annulus)

2015-03-15 12:32 origin: ? Blame Nao?
British airliner flies enlighten because towering midway folds bad smell of toilet excrement and urine,do obeisance to a plane return

Multiply personnel to cannot eliminate peculiar smell for nothing, pilot decides to return to base after taking off more than minutes 30.

2015-03-15 12:21 origin: ? ㄍ of discharge  felt?
Muwei of the biggest satellite has solar system below 3 ice sheet be weighinged a salt water is marine

The effort that Mu Weisan has salt water ocean to seek appropriate to reside a heavenly body occupies bureau of aerospace of country of United States of news of center extensive network further (NASA) announce 12 days, the ice sheet of Mu Weisan of the biggest satellite leaves solar system. . .

2015-03-15 09:42 origi
n: ? ê M?
Warship of Japanese World War II " Wu Cang " date debris underwater films the spot [video]

Underwater films warship of Japanese World War II " Wu Cang " date debris, film state of observation hull damaged.

2015-03-14 19:16 origin: ? Does Long have contraction?
Indonesian and curule: Doubt of 514 Indonesian citizens and ISIS organization have connection

Jakarta of China News Service on March 14 report Indonesian politics, law and safety plan as a whole ministerial spy assist expressed a few days ago, evidence shows, already had doubt of 514 Indonesian citizens and Mohammedan state up to now the organization has connection. Their dou

bt because classics. . .

2015-03-14 18:22 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Toilet of Thailand scene area sticks tourist of the China after banning the annunciate that wash a foot 1 hour to be punished

Scene area is stuck piece " prohibit herein washs a foot, wash a shoe, amerce does not exceed transgressor 1000 an ancient unit of weight " English annunciate.

2015-03-14 17:33 origin: ? Blame Nao?
Alone brachial woman ever was pregnant by shark assault 6 months still hold out abdominous surf

The Beiseni after rehabilitation still is holding to what move to surf to have deep love for, make professional surf athlete.

2015-03-14 17:13 origin: ? Discharge  A sunshine?
Iraqi army says to will be in " inside 72 hours " liberate carry Kelite

Iraqi army expresses, surround the army that raises Kelite to will be in " inside 3 days " liberate this city.

2015-03-14 16:42 origin: ? Travel hill?
Video of morning exercises of rat of Japanese beautiful chestnut has his moment form of extend motion bud is very [graph]

The beautiful chestnut rat that is called Bikke lies on the bed to do extend exercise, bud turns over a netizen.

2015-03-14 16:17 origin: ? Does  try know well?
Experiment of wireless transmit electricity aids Japanese scientist microwave force aerospace solar energy generates electricity

Combine morning paper net 13 days to report according to Singapore, japanese scientist had microwave successfully experiment of wireless transmit electricity, this one achievement makes aerospace solar energy generates electricity the one step with considered to be stridden important. Japanese universe aviation considers to develop an orgnaization 12 days to say, . . .

2015-03-14 16:02 origin: ? Lv Shunping?
Wing of beauty of more than 100 butterfly exhibits zoo of dagger of American emperor alternate confuse drunk tourist

Local time on March 15, american California, zoo of holy alternate dagger prepares to hold an exhibition that is butterfly forest, come from the 30 many sort of world each district, more than 100 butterfly gather hereat, bring tourist beautiful enjoyment. The graph is. . .

2015-03-14 15:33 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Bomb of military plan of Burmese ambassador put up with falls in square churchyard sends casualties to give explain

On March 13 afternoon, bomb of Burmese military plan falls in square churchyard, the innocent civilian that causes Yunnan to save Mengding of county of brighting horse of the city that face dark blue to press down flood mulberry village to be in sugar cane ground to work 4 dead 9 injuries. At present Burmese government did not declare where one stands to this incident, but Burmese. . .

2015-03-14 15:29 origin: ? Long?
Newest progress records event of Burmese ferry capsize 300 passengers make an appointment with 100 people death

Controlled partly at 8 o'clock last night, burmese capsize of a ferry happening, 300 passengers carry about on ferry.

2015-03-14 15:18 origin: ? Long?
Naxide of the president before Maldives disobeys homeland to fear a law obtaining punishment 13 years instead

Xinhua net division human relations slope electric horse is tired on March 14 message: Occupy local media 14 days to report, maldives capital horse is tired Na Xide of Mohammed of the president before one criminal court fears law blame 13 days sentencing instead with disobeying late 13 years of term of imprisonment. . .

2015-03-14 15:15 origin: ? Salary  ?
Dog of feline Mi dog plays good to great affection depart 10 days as a child good-bye face hug

Who says to there cannot be good impression feeling between feline Mi and dog dog? According to England " daily Post " report, the dog dog that is called Bow-Z only and the feline Mi that are called Jasper only play as a child big, parted once 10 days, miss very much between each other. . .

2015-03-14 14:48 origin: ? Quiet Huan felt?
Intertropical cyclone " handkerchief Mu " the island passes the Pacific Ocean austral assault have a large number of casualties

Mu of handkerchief of intense and intertropical cyclone (graph of A of made of baked clay exert of insularity of the Pacific Ocean austral Cyclone Pam) assault, bring billow to foreland. Picture origin: Afp. Integrated outside intermediary report, insularity of the Pacific Ocean austral assault covers with tiles exert A pursues. . .

2015-03-14 14:39 origin: ? Travel hill?
Burmese 13 days of capsize in night already caused a ferry 47 people of 21 people death are missing

[Burmese capsize of a ferry already caused death of at least 21 people, 47 people to be missing] Xinhua News Agency releases a client to carry dispatch: Burmese government says 14 days, if open state to bleach a ferry that leaves for real exchange from glue 13 day and night capsize, already caused at least 21 people death, 47. . .

2015-03-14 13:56 origin: ? Salary  ?
One man of Canadian by fall from the day about a hundred kilograms of Ju Bing is bungled (graph)

Canada is mid reach area of the eastpart part exceeding Autumn 2014 chill, now weather gradually get warm again after a cold spell, what Dan Han cold weather causes is secondary calamity is returned cannot oversight. Will report on March 11 according to Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, . . .

2015-03-14 11:34 origin: ? Blame Nao?... [阅读全文] 栏目:佛山按摩论坛


2014 pool of list of nobel prize gainer: Result of bear the palm is newest announce (update)... [阅读全文] 栏目:上海千花验证归来


Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian will new-style steam ball fly to earthly brim passenger to you can be made the same score inspect sunrise origin: ? ?2011-08-24 14:5 of huge rock of discharge  contraction6 Http://

Ball of this kind of new-style steam can fly on 25 kilometre headroom, to earthly advection layer

The towed bird below steam ball is portable 4 2 drivers, passengers

In report will occupy new network on August 24 outside intermediary reports 23 days, company of Spanish Zero

2 Infinity will roll out the most advanced hot balloon 2013, this steam ball predicts to be able to rise the headroom to 25 kilometre, arrive at earthly advection layer. At the appointed time, the tourist on steam ball will be smooth in the sky inspect the sun to rise.

It is reported, name of ball of this kind of new-style steam is " cloth grand " , the diameter amounts to 420 feet of about 128 rice) . Steam ball is carrying a diameter 13 feet (about 4 meters) towed bird of copy aerospace pressurization, can accommodate two drivers and 4 passengers. Moderate of air temperature of towed bird interior, the feeling is cozy. The passenger will take steam ball, the earthly margin that experiences 3 hours swims, and but close quarters views and admire the sun to rise.

Company president says by Diyalesi, the brigade photograph of aerospace of ball of this kind of steam relatively at the rocket, be more the means of economic material benefit, can let a

passenger experience the feeling that enter the space not only, and avoided engine noise.

Say by Diyalesi, "We are already successful test-fly for many times, can have the first person that enter the space soon. This meeting is the business with very good brushstroke, because this is planted,the experience is unique. On the sunrise sunset that tourists see in aerosphere and star and ground disparate " .

Responsibility edits: Read related Hdwmn_ctt: Central observatory weather forecast: South greets another name for Hubei province of Guizhou of stronger rainfall change to have arrive greatly total fleet of Fujian of rainstorm 2017-09-18 armed police: Arrive again parting when, strong and handsome fitness surpasses the barback 2017-09-18 Fuzhou that cannot forget all one's life publicly to ring down the curtain satisfactorily many 200 athlete takes part in the match Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2017-09-18 news recreation

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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Service of pro

vide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian r

olls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

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Flower man and one's own daughter are incestuous have sex 16 years for many times be delivered of 3 children... [阅读全文] 栏目:上海龙凤后花园


Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fu

jian rolls out special subject report, the for
m such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

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