Although Kobe Bryant has been cleared for basketball activity, the Los Angeles Lakers will not push him into a quick decison on when to comeback, instead opting to allow the veteran to decide when he is ready.

A sign of their patience is evidence in their approach to practice. The Lakers have no preconceived expectations for what Bryant will bring to practice on Tuesday. The team can't say whether he will raise the bar for his activity on Tuesday.

“If he’s feeling up to it,” Lakers spokesman John Black told the L.A. Daily News. “The ball in his court so to speak. If he wants to, he can.”

Bryant started running and completing shoot drills a month ago, which is when the Lakers originally cleared him for basketball actitivity. Bryant then took a step back to allow his ankle to build flexibilty, and he recently ramped back up the workouts, the Daily News reports. 

“You’re dealing with if he’s sore today or if there’s a setback tomorrow,” Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni said. “We need to be cautious. We just better be cool and chill out a bit.”