Carmelo Anthony said he was "kind of at a loss for words" after another

brutal home loss by his New York Knicks.

In fact, Anthony said a whole lot in just a few sentences Saturday night. And what he said surely will be heard in the executive offices of Madison Square Garden.

"We ain't playing worth a (expletive) right now," Anthony told reporters (via after New York lost, 110-90, to the Atlanta Hawks. "We got to play harder.

The Knicks have lost five in a row at MSG and are 3-6 overall.

Anthony also used the words "frustrating," "messed up feeling" and "nasty feeling" to describe his state.

He even tried to give coach Mike Woodson cover, saying it wasn't his fault, but with an impetuous owner (James Dolan) who is calling an NBA title for his team, those types of words don't mean much.

These words do, however: "It ain't got nothing to do with X's and O's out there on the basketball court. We are not getting it done from an effort standpoint. It's like we are not even trying right now."

Woodson also faulted the players' effort.

"You're not going to beat anybody playing soft and not hard like we did," Woodson told reporters.

The Knicks have two days to figure out things before they play at the Detroit Pistons on Tuesday.

"You just got to do more I guess," Anthony told reporters. "Just try to go out there and get it done as a team. I am not going to do it by myself. I don't want to do it by myself. We got to do it as a team. We keep digging ourselves deeper and deeper."