Aaron Donald's attorney claims that the Rams defensive lineman did not assault a man outside a Pittsburgh-area nightclub and was actually attempting to help the alleged victim.

Casey White, who is representing Donald after he was accused of assaulting De Vincent Spriggs on Sunday between the hours of 3 and 4 a.m. ET, told 93.7 The Fan that Spriggs initiated the alleged incident. White said an intoxicated Spriggs aggressively approached Donald at a party earlier in the evening and had to be taken outside. Spriggs later attempted to hit Donald with a bottle before others stepped in, White said.

"This guy goes at Aaron and swings with his right hand, and Aaron ducks. The bottle then grazes the top of Aaron's head," White said. "Aaron has a lump on his head from the bottle grazing the top of his head, and that's when all hell breaks loose."

White claims people in the area who knew Donald pulled him away from Spriggs and then began to attack Spriggs. White said Donald had no part in the alleged assault of Spriggs, and his only involvement was trying to deescalate the situation.

"Aaron then breaks free from the restraints — and this is all on video, so I'm not making this up — he then goes to the pile where this melee is taking place and he starts tearing people off, protecting Mr. Spriggs," White said. "He actually saves Mr. Spriggs from further injury."

White added that video evidence and at least five witnesses will support Donald's version of events. A portion of the surveillance video obtained by WPXI's Cara Sapida appears to match White's description of what transpired.

The Pittsburgh Police Department said in a statement to White that "there is no evidence from that video that shows Donald assaulting the victim." 

Pittsburgh attorney Todd Hollis told KDKA-TV on Wednesday that he and Spriggs had filed a police report against Donald for the alleged assault. Hollis told reporters at a news conference Wednesday morning that the incident left Spriggs with a concussion, 16 stitches near his eye and an arm injury. Hollis claimed the alleged assault was unprovoked. 

Hollis was saying much different things Friday night. He told KDKA's Andy Sheehan that Spriggs misidentified Donald as the attacker and wants to apologize. He told the Los Angeles Times' Gary Klein that he made his own apology to Donald.

"It’s my belief after viewing the video that the person involved in the altercation was not Aaron Donald," Klein quoted Hollis as saying. "It was somebody who resembled him."

Hollis told Klein he needed to re

spond quickly after coming to that conclusion.

"We made these allegations publicly, so I believe once I received the information that it was not him, I believe that I should be public with that as well and do so immediately rather than later," Klein quoted Hollis as saying.

The Rams released a statement Wednesday saying that the team was "collecting more information" but would have no further comment.