Chain gang.

Fresh off starring as "Godzilla" in "Godzilla vs. Kong," Derrick Henry is a monster both on the field and off, and he's already back in the gym working on his physique for 2021. Earlier in the week, video surfaced of Henry's ridiculous push-up workout, which is equal parts home gym and Rube Goldberg machine.

Henry used a squat rack, an elastic workout band, a yoga ball and a chain straight from 2005 John Cena's neck, making for an insane Do Not Try This At Home regimen:

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Not to be outdone by his backfield mate, Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill also put in some ridiculous work on push-ups, but instead of using the thick Titanic anchor chai

n, Lauren Tannehill modified it using the strap of a purse.

"Get the chain!" Tannehill says, before the purse is wrapped around his neck. "I'm coming for you, King."

Hopefully the workouts push Tannehill, Henry and the rest of the Titans to move forward this year after a disappointing end to their 2020 season. 

If not, well … at least their pecs will be stronger.