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上海千花419Ma Hang MH370 restarts underwater searchs action horse " phoenix date " search for a boat to begin to scan


 Login register Washington of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to establish comfort: of origin of apology of Japan of requirement of survival of Korea of the monument that install Fu? This ┤ felt?2014-06-02 14:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Washington is established comfort Japan of requirement of survival of the monument that install Fu apologizes

On May 30, the United States Fujiniyafeierfakesi, sagacious of survival ginger day attend " comfort install Fu " monument begins ceremony.

In group of citizen of Han descendants United States drive below, city north Fei Erfa overcomes the Virginia of Washington of capital of adjacent United States this prefectural government center will be on May 30 " comfort install Fu " monu

ment is held begin ceremony, remember in order to remind people forever, include to comfort those who install Fu inside is of all kinds turn over humanitarian crime " won't be tolerated and condonable " .

Japan is stationed in American embassy to say, establish in the United States " comfort install Fu " monumental " special regret making a person " , this one problem " should be not inspected politics or diplomatic topic " .

"Abiding alarm bell "

Group of citizen of Han descendants United States and Feierfakesi selectman meets the county the member was in that day Feierfakesi of prefectural government center " souvenir comforts garden of the peace that install Fu " inside powwow, commemorate for monument and butterfly appearance sculpture begin. Mobile proponent puts flying butterfly on lawn, sing loudly folk song of the Chaoxian nationality " Alilang " .

Indicate on this monument " comfort install Fu " the country that come from and area, writing " wish these ' comfort install Fu ' rest forever, the anguish that suffers for them and harm get back justice " .

87 years old before " comfort install Fu " Jiang Rizhe (transliteration) specially flies from Korea go to the United States, attend to begin this ceremony, say to meet tell this news other " comfort install Fu " survival. She still says: "Japanese government should instantly ' comfort install Fu ' the problem apologizes. "Japanese government should instantly ' comfort install Fu ' the problem apologizes..

Because time is ages ago, many comforting install Fu year the work is expensive already, most person passes 8 a period of ten years in one's age, a few exceed 90 years old.

Feierfakesi selectman meets the county to say in a statement, this monument will serve as " abiding alarm bell " warn world, "Everything turns over humanitarian crime... won't be tolerated and condonable " .

The United States " battlefield "

Japanese joint company reports, drive in concerned organization below, the many cities of American such as California and new York had established similar monument early or late, the monument that in Feierfakesi this the county begins is first when establish in American capital environs " comfort install Fu " monumental.

According to the view of Afp, around historical issue controversial issue, personage of Han descendants activity is in the United States hard ceaselessly in recent years native land open up " battlefield " , be helpful for the environment of oneself in order to build. Add again around American capital " comfort install Fu " monumental mark is worn another victory of Han Yi American.

Feierfakesi prefectural population about 1 million, among them American of the 40 thousand descendants that it is Han. City parliament numerous courtyard will pass the Virginia that the county is in Feierfakesi this year in Feburary an act, requirement school schoolbook is being tagged " Japanese sea " when add Korea force to hold out at the same time " the East China Sea " appellation. Korea is maintained " Japanese sea " the name is colony of bright peninsula of hold office at court of the century on Japan the child of the times, the view is called " the East China Sea " .

This year in January, boule of United States Congress passes bill of 2014 financial year allocating funds, first " comfort install Fu " act of congress of income of topic for discussion, urge Japan to the government faces up to this one problem and apologize.

This year April, when American president Beilake Aobama visits Korea, those who criticise Japan is made during the Second World War " comfort install Fu " the problem encroachs human rights badly.

Japan " regretful "

In the light of Han Yi the personage is driven in the United States establish " comfort install Fu " monumental be related, japan is stationed in American embassy to will express on May 30 " special regret " .

"The group of not agnate descendants that we hope to come from diff

erent country can be in American place peace, harmony gets along, " Japan is stationed in beautiful embassy to say in a statement, this one problem " should be not inspected politics or diplomatic topic " .

1993, house of Japanese ministerial official assumes when magisterial river wild ocean is smooth " comfort install Fu " problem findings publishs a talk, admit the Japanese army forces Asian country woman to act as " comfort install Fu " , express apology and introspection to this. "River tough talk " for after this institute of government of all previous Japan accedes, it is Japanese government about " comfort install Fu " the official position of the problem.

Nevertheless, a few right-wing personages of Japanese reject to admit this one footing, even erroneous says Korea and China are used " comfort install Fu " problem " get political benefit " .

This year Feburary, install times government pretext " river tough talk " publish a course cursory, announce to will establish a panel to be investigated to this, try to be changed infirmly " river tough talk " the official position that reflects, bring about in international society extensive criticism. Xu Chao (Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially for our newspaper)

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 Login register metal can of Osaka of Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to break cadaver case suspect is arrested is the dead suspect wife origin: ? ?2011-08-24 11:1 of huge rock of discharge  contraction3 Http://www.mnw.cn/

On August 15 area of temple of king of weather of Japanese Osaka city, boat shoots joint company helicopter the graph shows, of the discovery of the metal can of broken cadaver the ground nods 3: ① is 5 days of apartment rubbish dump that receive rubbish are put place, ② is 14 days of discovery of metal can east covert of Gao Jin park, ③ is 14 days of parks that discover metal can add cutoff to go up.

In report will occupy new network on August 24 report of Japanese joint company, about in weather of Japanese Osaka city king temple area east and other places of Gao Jin park has 3 metal can of broken cadaver to be discovered one case, police of Osaka government office already at 22 days the Sen Kangxiao of cane of the personnel that do not have course of study that area of Wang Si of this city weather arrested in order to be suspected of abandon for the body (57 years old of) .

Disclose according to police of Osaka government office, already passed DNA appraisal, cany dark fills the wife that proves the dead in metal can is guilty suspect acting (52 years old) with the son cany dark needed (26 years old of) . Guilty suspect cany dark gives to its crime suspicion deny, say " do not remember throwing what metal can, the wife also is after going, did not come back, do not know where she is how " .

On August 14 in the morning, local dweller is in east after the right leg that is cut off discovering in a metal can inside tall ferry park, report a case to the security authorities. Its traditional Chinese clothes has the right leg ankle with 2 differ size and head. That day afternoon, police is in distance park two hands and partial trunk bone discover again in the 100 another metal can on the road outside rice.

15 days, police discovers in the 2nd metal can the apartment rubbish near the ground piles up place discovery contains again the 3rd metal can of ankle of a left foot. This metal can is the rubbish that 5 days of around reclaim this month.

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Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

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