Jamal Adams wants all the smoke, apparently.

Given Adams' history with the hapless Jets, victory cigars weren't usually in his postgame or postseason agenda. With the Seahawks clinching the NFC West division crown on Sunday afternoon, Adams had an opportunity to celebrate in a unique way: Lighting up a victory dance while in his postgame press conference.

The video lit some speculation, though: Taking a closer look, did Jamal Adams actually light the wrong end of the cigar?

While it's tough to tell from the video, the shape of the cigar could be a perfecto or presidente-shaped cigar (the latter fitting for Adams' nickname "Prez"), which is twisted off at one end. There's also likely no way that Adams would have been able to take a deep draw from that cigar without coughing up a lung had it been the wrong end.

So, we'll close the investigation at: No, Jamal Adams did not light up the wrong end of the cigar.

Adams' celebratory stogie could be the first of many of the Seahawks this season. Now playoff bound, Seattle clinched its first division title since 2016 and could make noise in the playoffs should they put forth performances like they did vs. the Rams on Sunday.

In conclusion, if you're you're a Seahawks fan, smoke 'em if you got 'em — just make sure you light the right end.